Another great year for the 5th annual Evergreen Invitational! Thank you to all who attended!

Updated Event Info


We have a lot of Attending Artists this year, they only display 20 at a time, please use the NEXT and BACK buttons to scroll through the Artists!


Nick Baxter

Shop Name: Art Realm Tattoo & Gallery
Location: Austin, TX
Phone Number:

Nikko Hurtado

Shop Name: Black Anchor Collective
Location: Hesperia, CA
Phone Number:

Gabriel Londis

Shop Name: Off the Map
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Phone Number:

Rember Orellana

Shop Name: Rember Tattoos
Location: Denton, TX
Phone Number:

Corey Bernhardt

Shop Name: Reclamare Tattoo
Location: Sacramento, CA
Phone Number:

Gabriel Tenneson

Shop Name: Transformation Gallery
Location: Springfield, MO
Phone Number:

Edgar Marquez

Shop Name: Long Beach Ink Assassins
Location: Long Beach, CA
Phone Number:

Mez Love

Shop Name: Tattoo Boogaloo
Location: SanFrancisco, CA
Phone Number:

Deanna Wardin

Shop Name: Tattoo Boogaloo
Location: SanFrancisco, CA
Phone Number:

Raul Ugarte

Shop Name: Cal Punkture Studio
Location: Brentwood, CA
Phone Number:

Krist Karloff

Shop Name: Evil Genius Tattoo Club
Location: West Lafayette, IN
Phone Number:

Bob Bitner

Shop Name: Catalyst Arts Collective
Location: Independence, MO
Phone Number:

Jeff Thompson

Shop Name: Woodwork Tattoo & Gallery
Location: Poulsbo, WA
Phone Number:

Rich Wren

Shop Name: Relic Tattoo
Location: Horsham, PA
Phone Number:

Jessica White

Shop Name: Reclamare Gallery & Custom Tattoo
Location: Sacramento, CA
Phone Number:

Tyler Andrews

Shop Name: A Mind's Eye
Location: Boise, ID
Phone Number:

Shelley DeAngio

Shop Name: Equinox Tattoo
Location: Gresham, OR
Phone Number:

James Kern

Shop Name: No Hope No Fear
Location: Portland, OR
Phone Number:

Dustin Burt

Shop Name: Studio Arcanum
Location: Seattle, WA
Phone Number:

Leland Gomez

Shop Name: South Side Ink
Location: Ewa Beach, HI
Phone Number:



Original 3D & 2D artwork



Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts
Crystals, gemstone jewelry, spiritual gifts, stickers

CLM Massage LLC
Licensed Massage Therapy

The Steel Web


Hooligan Inc.


Mystic Fables Leather
Handmade leather products

Feisty Fudge
Artisan Fudge

All day wear makeup and lipstick

Kimreys Odd Beauty
Mixed Media Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Kensei Design - DBA: Prof. Alces ET Sciuridae

Airbrush Tattoos

Spectrum International
jewelry and 3D lenticular art prints

Black Hope Curse


vintage tattoo flash

Decaying Light Photography

Photography Lights